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The World’s First Truly
Sweatproof Technology

IP (ingress protection) rating tests are conducted using water. From gentle drips to intense jets.

For earphones, this scale is almost useless. Humans don’t sweat water, they sweat… sweat; a significantly more corrosive and destructive substance. Without appropriate defense, sweat will quickly damage earphones and plunge workouts into silence.

Tap Water 100-500 us/cm

Soda 1025 us/cm

Hot Coffee 2457 us/cm

Sweat 20000 us/cm

Electro-Chemical Corrossiveness

SweatGuard utilizes a submarine-inspired structure to hermetically seal sensitive components safely away from sweat and other liquid threats. SweatGuard earphones are also protected by a never-before-seen impermeable hydro-seal. It coats and defends the USB port, internal circuitry, and other hardware from liquid corrosion and short circuits.


Submarine-Inspired Structure

Submarine-Inspired Structure

Impermeable Hydro-Seal

Impermeable Hydro-Seal

Products with SweatGuard Technology


Maximum Sound,
Minimum Distortion

Bass is the most important frequency of the audio spectrum, but it is also the element that most listeners feel is lacking from their speakers.

Soundcore speakers with BassUp™ technology offer unrivaled low-end intensity and power. They utilize an in-house-tuned digital signal processor with multiple dynamic range controllers to analyze and intensify bass frequencies in real-time.

To turn this digital data into irresistible sound, BassUp™ speakers use NdFeB (neodymium) drivers. These advanced transducers ensure the final step of audio reproduction delivers sound with breath-taking depth and power.


Soundcore speakers ensure your party never ends because the music stops. Using innovative power management and advanced battery technology, music playtime is extended far beyond the capabilities of other portable speakers.

Typically, the batteries in Bluetooth speakers will output a consistent amount of power throughout playback. Even if a song has quiet moments or periods of silence, power output will remain the same.

Soundcore speakers intelligently adjust power output in real time according to audio output to save power when less volume is required.

To complement the advanced power control, Soundcore speakers take advantage of Soundcore’s close relationship with Anker, the world-leaders in portable power. This heritage offers exclusive access to the best power systems available.