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  • 4.5


  • 4.5




Giant Sound!

I was blown away by the sound that came from it! I wasn't expecting so much bass! 360°sound with a beat driven light show from 24 LED rainbow colors! There was a lot of splashing from the pool that kept getting on it but since it's fully waterproof it didn’t effect it at all. It played for hours! There's the SOUNDCORE that lets you customize it. This speaker is really awesome!!



Excellent earphones and excellent customer service

Perfect for classical, rock, bluegrass pretty much any genre that you can think of. Clarity of the cymbals and woodwinds are amazing. Cellos, sound like cellos and six strings, sound like a six string. Bass is tight and not overwhelming and mid range is just right.



Oh my god!! AMAZING!

The sound is so crips and clear. I've had Bose, Beats, Airpods, and so forth and they pale in comparison to the Liberty Pro 2's. Quality, sound and even price. These could easily sell for $200+ and it would still be a fair price. I couldn't recommend these enough, if you're on the fence don't - buy them!

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