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Superior call-quality and graphene-enhanced sound.
What should I do if the earphones don’t take a charge from the charging case or turn on when taken out of the charging case?
  • Confirm the charging case has power (at least one LED lit up).
  • Remove all protective films from charging contacts.
  • Ensure all charging contacts are clean and clear from foreign material.
How do I clean my Liberty Air?
  • Clean the contact pin and metal filter with a dry cotton swab. Remove any debris from the metal filter with a clean, dry, soft-bristled brush.
  • Don't use sharp objects or abrasive materials to clean your Liberty Air.
  • Don't let water get into Liberty Air.
How do I reset my Liberty Air?
  • Delete the "Soundcore Liberty Air" in the Bluetooth list of the device you’re connecting to, then turn off your device’s Bluetooth.
  • Take one earbud out of the charging base. Quickly tap the touchpad on the earbud four times and put it back into the case after seeing the red LED flash. Repeat with the other earbud.
  • Take both earbuds out of the charging case and place them near each other. The white LED indicators will start flashing in white(breathing-like)
  • Once the white LED indicator on right earbud starts flashing quickly, go to the Bluetooth pairing list on your device and select "Soundcore Liberty Air".

Both earphones are turned on but only the right side is playing sound, how could I fix this?
During daily use, the earbuds may sustain a lot of accidental contact with hands. This may cause the two earbuds to unpair. Place both earphones back in the charging case and close it, then take them both out and try again.

If this doesn't fix the problem try resetting the headphones. See “How do I reset my Liberty Air?”
What should I do if there is no indicator turning on the charging case when I open or close it?
Connect the charging case to a wall charger and charge until all three lights are illuminated. If that doesn’t work, you could try another cable and wall charger.
How do I pair Liberty Air with my Device?
Right out of the box, your Liberty Air earbuds come ready to pair.
  • Remove your earbuds from the charging case and put them in your ears. The right earbud is the master and will connect to the left earbud automatically.
  • On your Bluetooth device, go to Bluetooth settings, make sure Bluetooth is on, and select Soundcore Liberty Air on the available devices list.
  • Once connected, you will hear a “beep”.
How do I connect to a second device?
Please note the earbuds will connect to the last paired device automatically when you take them out of the charging case. If you would like to pair it with a different device, please follow these steps:
  • Put the earbuds back into the charging case.
  • Turn off the Bluetooth on the device you were connected to.
  • Use the standard pairing method with the new device.
If it is impossible to turn off Bluetooth on the first device:
  • Hold down the touchpad on your right earbud until a red light shows.
  • Release your finger and then hold the pad until the white light flashes quickly.
  • Select Liberty Air from the Bluetooth menu of the 2nd device.
Will the earphones shut off automatically?
Yes, if Liberty Air earphones are not connected with any devices, they will automatically shut off in 2 minutes. If Liberty Air is connected with a device and nothing is being played, they will enter into power saving mode. Liberty Air will wake up immediately when an operation starts (music streaming or phone call).

When not using the earphones, please place them in the charging case. If the touch panel is placed on other surfaces or held in hands, this may trigger the earphones to shut down.
What should I do if the Liberty Air disconnects?
  • Reduce the distance between your right earbud and your audio device. For example, try to have your audio device in your right pocket or on your right arm if running with an armband, as your right Soundcore Liberty Air earbud is the master (main) earbud. The right earbud connects to your audio device and to the left earbud.
  • Make sure that the distance between earphone and phone is no greater than 12 meters, and there are no barriers between earphone and phone. As some environments, cell phone towers, dense wifi networks, and other transmitting devices can interfere with your Bluetooth connection. If possible, try to avoid interference from the area or other Bluetooth connections and Wi-Fi.
  • Reset your Bluetooth connection by turning off your device's Bluetooth for at least 10 seconds and then back on.
  • Close any unused apps on your phone to maintain enough memory, and place the Liberty Air earbuds back in the charging case and take them out to restart. If your phone is running low on memory then it might automatically disconnect.
Why is there no bass?
This is usually because your earbuds aren't fitting snugly enough to seal off outside sounds. Try different sized ear tips to find a better fit.
Why is the touch panel not working consistently?
Make sure you're touching the correct position of the earpiece and that there is no moisture or dust on it or on your hand.
When connected to a computer, why do I get no sound when using software like Skype?
  • Check the audio device setting in the software.
  • Try and update your computer's Bluetooth hardware drivers.
Can I use the left earbud separately?
No, only the right earpiece (master) could be used alone.
Why is the performance of the phone call quality not so good?
Due to the long distance from the mouth, call quality of Total Wireless Earphones is usually not good. By using the dual-mic noise reduction, Liberty Air can provide much better call quality than most TWS on the market, but if outside noise is too loud or too close to the user, this will influence the call quality.
What's the meaning of Dual-mic Uplink Noise-reduction and what's the benefit of it?
When making a phone call, the user's voice is sent out via a network; this signal is called an uplink signal. Reducing the noise in an uplink signal is called uplink noise reduction, which could make users on the other end of the call to hear the phone call more clearly.

As total wireless earphones usually are very small and located far from the mouth, the call quality of TWS is usually not very good.

Dual-mic uplink noise reduction is a proven noise reduction technology. One microphone is closer to the mouth mainly to pick up voice. The other microphone is far from the mouth mainly to pick up surround noise. By signal processing of the 2 mic's signal, the voice quality could be improved significantly.
Is Liberty Air waterproof?
The earpieces themselves are IPX5 waterproof; the charging case is not waterproof.
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