Strike 1

Stereo Sound, Sound Enhancement for FPS Games, Noise Isolating Mic, and Cooling Gel-Infused Cushions, Headset Compatible with PS4, and PC
  • Precision Hearing: Get an in-game advantage thanks to a specially designed driver enclosure that emphasizes the sound of gunfire and footsteps to pinpoint enemy positions.
  • Oversized Drivers: 52mm dynamic drivers ensure the sound of your victory is delivered with punch, power, and stunning realism.
  • Stay Cool Under Pressure: Ear pads made from soft memory foam, infused with cooling gel, ensure that you stay cool while you set the scoreboard on fire.
  • You Call The Shots: A fully detachable, noise-canceling microphone transmits your calls to the team in perfect clarity. The microphone’s IPX5 waterproofing effortlessly resists sweat, water, saliva, and drinks.
  • Safety First: Volume limiting control protects kids from hearing damage.
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    Precision Hearing

Thanks to a unique driver enclosure, in-game audio is delivered with hyper precision. Locating sounds such as footsteps and gunfire becomes effortless. And when you hear your enemy first, you always have the upper hand.

Feel The Sound

Oversized 52mm drivers give powerful, bass-driven sound that delivers visceral feedback as you leave your enemies in the dust. Don’t just hear it, feel it.

Stay Cool Under Pressure

Super-soft memory foam ear pads are infused with cooling gel to stay comfortable while you stay frosty.

Critical Reliability

Put through extreme testing and designed using advanced materials to ensure that it won’t fail when you need it most.

Be Heard

A removable IPX5 water-resistant microphone isolates your voice from background noise so your calls and commands are heard clearly over the sound of battle.

Xbox / PS4 / PC

Take advantage of Strike’s competitive edge no matter what system you’re using.


What should I do if there is no sound when the headset is connected to a computer?
1) Check if the 3.5 mm audio connector is plugged into the computer correctly. If you use the supplied adapter, make sure the 3.5 mm AUX connectors are plugged into the sound and mic jacks on the computer correctly.
2) Check if the headset has been selected as the default output device on your computer. This can be found in your computer's audio settings.
What should I do if the microphone does not work?
1) Make sure the microphone is inserted correctly.
2) Make sure the Mic Mute switch is not turned on.
How can I improve the microphone's performance?
Try to adjust the microphone's position, ideally it should be within 80 mm of your mouth.
What should I do if the other side cannot hear me when using the Discord app?
Try to reset the voice settings on the Discord app via below steps:
Click User Settings-->Voice & Video-->Scroll down and click Reset Voice Settings


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