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Spirit X

Spirit X

Work Out Unlimited

Ultra-waterproof SweatGuard protection and unbreakable hold for the most extreme workouts.

    Ensure your tunes hold firm as you sprint, jump, and flip through your workout. No matter how close you go to your limit, Spirit X are guaranteed to stay in place.

    Customizable eartips, wings, and an adjustable cable clip allow everyone to tailor their perfect fit.

    TO THE

    When you are laser focused on grinding out the final rep or sprinting the last stretch, Spirit X sit almost unnoticed, fueling your effort with stunning sound.

    Gentle over-ear hooks and softened silicone eartips float effortlessly in place as you sprint, lift, and push your way to the limit.


From a single charge, listen to 12 hours of sublime, bass-driven sound. That’s well over a week of workouts from a single charge.

    Instantly adjust Spirit X’s cable to leave it floating comfortably behind your head.

    Spirit X come with their own carry pouch and
    carabiner for easy transport.


  • Drivers: 10mm Composite Diaphragm x 2
  • Bluetooth Version 5.0
  • Playtime: 12 Hours
  • IPX7
  • SweatGuard
  • 3-button remote control
  • Mic with cVc call noise reduction
  • 848061056501
How do I reset Soundcore Spirit X?
1. Turn the earphones off.
2. Connect to a power source.
3. Press and hold the "Play" and "+" buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds.
4. The pairing history will be deleted.
Why does no sound play when the earbuds are connected to my PC via Bluetooth?
You may need to change the default audio output on your PC to "Bluetooth Headset".
1. Close all media applications in your PC (such as Windows Media Player).
2. Open 'Control Panel' > 'Sounds and Audio Devices' > 'Audio'.
3. Change the default output device to 'Bluetooth Headset' in Sound playback.
Is it possible to pair 2 sets of earbuds with one device at the same time?
What is the operational range of Soundcore earbuds?
The operational range is 10m / 33ft. This can be affected by walls, pillars and other obstructions so during use it is recommended to keep the earbuds and your device near.
Will Sondcore Spirit X support AAC & APTX?
Only AAC.
How long I can use it for listening to music?
You will get 12hours on 80% volume level. Playtime varies according to volume level and audio content.
How long does it take to fully charge the Soundcore Spirit X?
1.5-2 hours.
How to troubleshoot sync issues?
a. Check to ensure your device's Bluetooth setting is enabled.
b. Make sure your device is within 1m (3ft) of the Soundcore Spirit X.
c. Delete the pairing record on Soundcore Spirit X and your device, then try to re-pair.
What should I do to reset if the earbuds are disconnected?
Turn Bluetooth off on your device. Wait for at least 10 secs to turn it on. If this doesn't solve the issue, then re-pair with your device again.
Why does no sound play when the earbuds are connected to my phone via Bluetooth?
a. Try to turn up the volume.
b. Make sure the earbuds are connected to your phone.
c. Reset the earbuds and go through the pairing steps again.
How to care for your Soundcore Spirit X?
1. Daily care: Keep the earbuds clean. To clean Soundcore Spirit X, follow these steps:
  a. Remove the EarTips.
  b. Use a cotton swab to clean the surface of the filter.
2. Charging: Charge it with a 5V certified charger and cable.
3. During exercise: Make sure the port cover is fully closed to prevent sweat entering the port.
4. After exercise: If you charge Soundcore Spirit X after exercising, please follow these steps:
  a. Open the port cover and shake to remove any sweat from inside the USB port.
  b. Wipe the USB charging port dry with a cotton cloth.
  c. Charge with a 5V certified charger and cable.
  d. Make sure the port cover is fully closed after charging.
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