Life P2

Wireless Earbuds with 4 Microphones, cVc 8.0 Noise Reduction, Graphene Drivers for Clear Sound, USB C, 40H Playtime, IPX7 Waterproof
  • Perfect for Home Offices: Each earbud has two microphones with beamforming noise reduction and cVc 8.0 technology for superior vocal enhancement and background-noise suppression.
  • Incredible Sound Powered By Graphene Drivers: Delivers music with a wider soundstage and exceptional accuracy and clarity. BassUp technology enhances bass by up to 43% and aptX audio offers lossless transmission between your device and the wireless earbuds.
  • 40-Hour Playtime with Fast Charge: A single charge gives you a full 7 hours of listening, while the charging case extends that to 40 hours. When you’re in a rush and need power fast, simply charge for 10 minutes and get up to 1 hour of playtime.
  • IPX7 waterproof: life P2 wireless earbuds boast ipx7-rated protection that defends against liquids in any weather conditions.
  • One-Step Pairing: Our proprietary PUSH AND GO technology streamlines the setup process so when you remove the wireless earbuds from the charging case, they’ll automatically connect to the last paired device.
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Wider Soundstage

Life P2’s graphene drivers oscillate with extreme precision to bring you sound with extraordinary accuracy and an ultra-realistic listening experience.

Incredible Call Quality

Utilizing the latest cVc noise reduction technology and 4 microphones (2 per earbud), Life P2 wireless earbuds enhance voice pick up and remove background noises—Ideal for home offices.

On-The-Go Listening

Enjoy 7 hours of listening from a single charge, and extend it to 40 hours with the compact charging case. For a quick boost of power when you’re on the move, charge the earbuds for just 10 minutes and get 1 hour of listening.

Seriously Strong Connection

Bluetooth 5.0 creates an unbreakable connection between your device and Life P2 wireless earbuds for skip-free audio even in busy spaces.

    Simple Secure Fit

Get a confident and satisfying fit in only 3 steps. For the best call quality, ensure the microphone is directed towards your mouth.

    IPX7 Waterproof

Protection against liquids such as rain, sweat, and water.


Can Life P2 be pair with multiple devices at the same time?
This feature is currently not supported.
If you want to pair Life P2 with a second device, please use one of the following methods:
Turn off Bluetooth on the currently connected device and then connect another Bluetooth device.
Hold down the button on either earbud for 3 seconds to turn if off first, and then turn on Bluetooth on another device and hold the button on either earbud until you see the white light flashing quickly.
How do I reset Life P2?
1. Place the earbuds into the charging case and make sure they are being charged.
2. Press and hold the button on both earbuds for 3 seconds. The LED indicators will flash red 3 times and then turn white.
What should I do if the earbuds don't pair with my device?
1) Ensure your device's Bluetooth setting is enabled and your device is within 1 m (3 ft).
2) Clear the Bluetooth connection record on your phone and re-pair.
3) Reset your earbuds. See "How do I reset Life P2?"
4) Try to pair with another device.
What should I do if Life P2 disconnects from my device?
1. Reset the earbuds. See "How do I reset Life P2?".
2. While the range of most Bluetooth devices is 33 feet (10 meters), the optimal range for any Bluetooth audio device is about 2 feet (60 centimeters) from the audio source.
3. Some environments (such as airports, offices, crowded public spaces etc.), other Bluetooth connections, and Wi-Fi can interfere with your Bluetooth connection. Optimizing your Bluetooth connection:
- If you are in a busy place, ensure your phone is on your right side when using Life P2.
- Download videos and songs instead of streaming.
- If you have an Android phone, temporarily disable unnecessary apps running in the background.
- Stay away from Wi-Fi transmitters.


  • Manual

    A3919 Soundcore Life P2 User Manual


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  • Manual

    A3919 Soundcore Life P2 QSG


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